Website Development

  Affordable web development is our forte.

A web presence can greatly benefit a small business. Wouldn’t your customers or prospects appreciate:

• A map to your location and other contact information
• Your business hours
• Pictures and descriptions of what you offer
• A little of your history
• Testimonials
• News about your field

Coming from a small business background, we know how expensive it is to design, build and maintain a website. Most small business owners do not have thousands of dollars to invest in a web presence and why should they?

Just because you build it, doesn't mean they'll come (at least in large numbers). if you want to generate lots of visitors, we can help you get noticed on search engines.

If you're interested in E-Commerce (to actually sell product on the site), it still doesn't have to be that expensive or complicated if you have our help.

 With Affordable PC Help, you can spend the money you saved on development for promoting your site. Set up a budget for Google's Ad Words and Overture's pay per click program.

We can be as simple and affordable as you want or we can create a whole package with logo and matching business supplies. Check out some of the sites we've done. Some are small and well, Rustic Ranch Furniture is pretty big.

We can handle it all from domain registration to hosting. Each site is unique and we can't post specific prices. We bid them one at a time. Send us a list of what you'd like us to do in the way of graphics, number of pages, what your goal is, and we'll give you a rough estimate. A sample site or two that you've seen on the internet would also help us get an idea of your expectations. If our estimate is in the ball park, we'll discuss specifics and then be able to give you a firm quote.


  Some work we've done: (whole site and shopping cart) Designed by L2Square Design (whole site and shopping cart) Designed by L2Square Design, I built it. Designed by L2Square Design Designed by L2Square Design Built, but didn't design









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